1st Master Marathon!

1st Master Marathon!

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From the Webmaster!

Yes, indeed! ALL members are invited to join us Wednesday morning (10 am Pacific) for the ultimate showdown: a thrilling non-stop marathon of bullet-chess stamina!

Blunders will certainly NOT be "pardoned" as our two sometimes-friendly Directors of Content, International Masters David Pruess & Daniel Rensch go head-to-head for three dizzying hours of lightning-fast chess with a $1000 prize on the line!




Observe their games in real time on the Live Chess server, with up-to-the-second info on how many games each player has won so far!!

At the same time, see the stress on their faces and hear all the banter on Chess.comTV!

Rumor even has it that live-chess/Support celebrity KOHAI will be on hand to ensure everything remains fair - and to break up any physical altercations between our two spirited combatants!

Don't miss this one, folks! It's going to be an amazing show!!

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