20-29 november: Cultural Village Chess Tournament

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An old autumn tradition will be continued this year in Wijk aan Zee. The eleventh Cultural Village Chess Tournament (the old name was Sonnevanck Chess Tournament) will take place from Monday 20 till Wednesday 29 November in Cafe De Zon. The intenion and setup of this nice little tournament is still to offer (young) Dutch chess players the opportunity to score an IM-norm.

The last time the Cultural Village tournament took place was November 2003. Then Ferenc Langheinrich won the group, second was Merijn van Delft.

This year the games will start each day at 14.00 hrs. The rate of play: 100 minutes per person per game, plus 30 seconds a move. The winner will receive ?¢‚Äö¬¨ 600,- and a ticket to compete in the grandmaster group C of the prestigeous Corus Chess Tournament 2007.

The official opening will take place on Monday, 20 November, at 12.15 hrs. and will be done by grandmaster John van der Wiel.

The organisation is in the hands of Bert Kisjes and Jeroen van den Berg. You will be able to find more information at the Corus Tournament website.

Sponsors are Corus, Stichting Wijk aan Zee 125 jaar Badplaats and SBSN; donations came from Piet Geertsema, Ton de Vreede, Dirk Goes, Tom Bottema, KNSB, Schaakclub Paard van Ree, SAWAZ and Caf?ɬ© De Zon.

Price fund 1e price ?¢‚Äö¬¨ 600,- 2e price ?¢‚Äö¬¨ 400,- 3e price ?¢‚Äö¬¨ 200,- 4e price ?¢‚Äö¬¨ 100,- 5e price ?¢‚Äö¬¨ 50,-


1   Abeln,Michiel                  2380  FM  NED
2   Muhren,Bianca                  2336  WIM NED
3   Milu,Romeo Sori                2430  IM  ROM
4   Swinkels,Robin                 2378  .   NED
5   Smerdon,David                  2473  IM  AUS
6   Ruijgrok,Dennis                2278  .   NED
7   Willemze,Thomas                2384  IM  NED
8   Afek,Yochanan                  2372  IM  ISR
9   Jong,Jan Willem de             2435  FM  NED
10  Armas,Julius                   2392  IM  FRA

Update 15.55 hrs At the Utrechtschaak forum the following valuable extra information by journalist Johan Hut was posted: "Robin Swinkels has two IM-norms so he can become an IM in Wijk aan Zee, if he wins enough Elo points at the same time. Michiel Abeln and Jan-Willem de Jong have one IM-norm. Bianca Muhren and Dennis Ruijgrok do not have an IM-norm yet. Bianca can be called WGM since the national championship by the way, but strickly speaking she's still a WIM."
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