2008 'Superfinal' Championship Of Russia

2008 'Superfinal' Championship Of Russia

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The 2008 'Superfinal' Championship of Russia starts today in the Moscow Central Chess Club.  Twelve of Russia's finest Grandmasters, including the defending champion and current World #2 Alexander Morozevich (pictured) will be participating in this single round-robin tournament for the prestigious title of Russian Champion.

The only notable absentees are Vladimir Kramnik who is busy preparing for his World Championship match with Vishy Anand, and Alexander Grishuk who has withdrawn due to illness and is replaced by the first reserve, Konstantin Sakaev from the recent qualifying event.

The full line-up is:

 1    Alexander Morozevich   2787 
 2   Dimtry Yakovenko
 3   Peter Svidler  2727
 4   Eugene Alekseev  2715
 5   Artem Timofeev  2670
 6   Ernesto Inarkiev  2669
 7   Alexander Ryazantsev  2656
 8   Alexander Lastin  2651
 9   Eugene Tomashevsky  2646
 10    Konstantin Sakeev  2640
 11   Nikita Vityugov  2638
 12   Konstantin Maslak  2544

The official site for the event is here (in Russian only).  Thank goodness for Babelfish!

Here is a Morozevich win against Svidler from last year's tournament.

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