2009 US Championships

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The 2009 US Chess Championships starts on 8 May and runs until 17 May at the beautiful new Saint Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Centre (pictured below).

The championship features 24 players in a 9-round Swiss event and the winner will receive $35,000 out of a prize fund of $130,000. The time controls in operation will be the classical 40 moves in two hours, with one hour allowed for all remaining moves, plus a 5 second increment from the start of the game.  Yuri Shulman will be defending his 2008 championship title.

The 24 competitors and their USCF ratings are below. More details and biographies of all the players are available at the official website. It should be an exciting championship.  Don't forget to look out for 14 year-old Ray Robson, and of course Julio Becerra!

 Gata Kamsky  2798 
 Hikaru Nakamura  2757
 Alexander Onischuk   2736
 Yuri Shulman  2697
 Larry Christiansen  2681
 Julio Becerra  2672
 Varuzhan Akobian  2664
 Gregory Kaidanov  2662
 Joel Benjamin  2650
 Jaan Ehlvest  2649
 Boris Gulko  2631
 Ildar Ibragimov  2628
 Melikset Khachiyan  2628
 Alexander Shabalov  2625
 Josh Friedel  2568
 Robert Hess  2545
 Enrico Sevillano  2542
 Ray Robson  2542
 Anna Zatonskih  2503
 Irina Krush  2496
 Sam Shankland  2477
 Michael Brooks  2423
 Charles Lawton
 Tyler Hughes  2272


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