2011 Women's World Chess Championship

2011 Women's World Chess Championship

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fide_official_logo-gens-una-sumus cropped.jpgFIDE have confirmed the venue and dates of the 2011 Women's World Championship.

Reigning champion Hou Yifan of China will face Humpy Koneru of India in a 10-game match in Tirana, Albania from 13-30 November 2011.

Hou Yifan became the youngest ever women's world champion in December 2010 at the age of 16 after narrowly missing out to Alexandra Kosteniuk in September 2008, when aged just 14!

Humpy Koneru won the right to challenge Hou Yifan thanks to her performance in the 2009/10 Women's Grand Prix series.

Hou Yifan (left) of China will be challenged by Humpy Koneru (right) from India

Hou Yifan 10.jpg Humpy Koneru 10.jpg



The FIDE is pleased to inform that the Women’s World Chess Championship Match 2011 will take place in Tirana, Albania from the 13th (arrival) to the 30th of November (possible tie-breaks) 2011.

The prize fund offered to the players is 200,000 euros. The sponsor of the match is Taci Oil International:, headed by Mr Rezart Taci.

The regulations of the Match are published in FIDE Handbook:

Contact details of the Organizing committee's office:

1. Mr Ermal Hamzaj:

2. Mrs Edlira Cimbi:

3. Mrs Anastasiya Karlovich (FIDE press officer):

4. Mr Argiris Kotsis (webmaster):

Schedule of the Women's World Championship Match 2011
14/11/2011 GAME 1
15/11/2011 GAME 2
16/11/2011 REST DAY
17/11/2011 GAME 3
18/11/2011 GAME 4
19/11/2011 REST DAY
20/11/2011 GAME 5
21/11/2011 GAME 6
22/11/2011 REST DAY
23/11/2011 GAME 7
24/11/2011 GAME 8
25/11/2011 REST DAY
26/11/2011 GAME 9
27/11/2011 REST DAY
28/11/2011 GAME 10
29/11/2011 REST DAY
30/11/2011 TIE-BREAK GAMES

CLOSING CEREMONY                     
All rounds start at 15:00 local time.
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