2013 Geneva Grand Prix Underway

2013 Geneva Grand Prix Underway

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The first Women's Grand Prix of the 2013/14 series is underway in Geneva, Switzerland, sponsored by Fondation Neva.  The competition dates are 2-16 May, with the first round on 3rd May and final round on 15th May.

The official website for the Geneva Grand Prix is at The winner of the 2013/14 Grand Prix series will qualify for the Women's World Championship match in 2015.


2013 Geneva Grand Prix Participants

Name  Fed Elo
Hou, Yifan  CHN  2617
Muzychuk, Anna  SLO  2585
Lagno, Kateryna  UKR 2548
Dzagnidze, Nana  GEO  2545
Ju, Wenjun  CHN  2544
Cmilyte, Viktorija  LTU  2522
Kosintseva, Tatiana  RUS 2517
Khotenashvili, Bela  GEO  2505
Kosteniuk, Alexandra  RUS  2491
Ushenina, Anna  UKR  2491
Girya, Olga  RUS  2463
Batchimeg Tuvshintugs  MGL  2298


Women's World Champion Anna Ushenina at the opening ceremony



The Geneva Grand Prix Schedule

3rd May 2013  Round 1 
4th May 2013  Round 2 
5th May 2013  Round 3 
6th May 2013  Round 4 
7th May 2013  Free Day 
8th May 2013  Round 5 
9th May 2013  Round 6 
10th May 2013  Round 7 
11th May 2013  Round 8 
12th May 2013  Free Day 
13th May 2013  Round 9 
14th May 2013  Round 10 
15th May 2013  Round 11

Elena Timtchenko of sponsors Fondation Neva


The 2013/14 Women's Grand Prix Schedule

2-16 May 2013 Geneva, Switzerland
15-29 June 2013 Dilijan, Armenia
17 September - 1 October 2013 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2-16 May 2014 Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
18 June - 2 July 2014 Tbilisi, Georgia
24 August - 7 September 2014 Erdenet, Mongolia


The games in Geneva start at 14:00 local time (12:00 UTC), except the last round which is 2 hours earlier. The live game broadcast is here, and live video is here.

The official website for the 2013/14 Women's Grand Prix series is The full regulations of the Women's Grand-Prix 2013-2014 are available here.




Fondation Neva: For over fifteen years, Elena and Gennady Timtchenko have been actively and personally engaged in philanthropic activities. In order to better manage the growing complexity of these projects, they created three foundations, among which Fondation Neva established in Geneva in 2008. Its core mission is to strengthen historical ties between Switzerland and Russia, two nations which share many common values and the same classical culture. By supporting projects promoting excellence in the field of culture, science and sports, Fondation Neva is helping to promote the Russian cultural diversity in Switzerland, to multiply exchanges between the two countries and to encourage their closeness. Since 2013 Fondation Neva extends its partnerships to France.

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