2015 ChessKid Online National Championship, Rounds 1-3

2015 ChessKid Online National Championship, Rounds 1-3

| 10 | Chess Event Coverage's scholastic extension,, is hosting the Fourth Annual ChessKid Online National Invitational Championship (CONIC) this weekend.

Thirty of the best ChessKids in the U.S. are competing in five sections for an official USCF national championship. All players are competing in five-game round robins, with sections based on age: 6 and Under; 8 and Under; 10 and Under; 12 and Under; and Girls 13 and Under.

Time controls are 90+30 and the winner of each section receives $300 in scholarship money for private lessons with grandmasters. All players receive one-year diamond memberships to, one-year gold memberships to, and lots of gear.

You can read the full preview article here, which includes the chess biographies and backgrounds of all the players.

A reminder that rounds four and five will both be broadcast on (with IM Danny Rensch for both rounds and in round four also with this author). Round four will be Sunday, June 7 at 8 a.m. Pacific and round five will be later that day at 2 p.m. Pacific.

After three rounds, here are the standings for each section and a few games of the players. All five sections have a lone leader, with three players still sitting on perfect scores. You can also click on the name of each player to see their "standard time control" archive. The three most recent games at the 90+30 time control are their first three games from CONIC.

6 and Under

Dimitar Mardov 3.0
Sriram Krishnakumar 2.5
Ronit Chandra 1.5
Brian Huang 1.0
Erick Zhao, Grayson Cooke 0.5

Dimitar Mardov, 6, is rated 1447 and leads the youngest section.

8 and Under

Andrew Tang, 9, has already earned his CM title. Despite being the fifth ranked out of six players, he leads the 10 and Under.
Atreya Vaidya, 10, has already crossed 2000 USCF and is the final perfect score remaining.
The secret to success? Annie Wang (foreground), Joaquin Perkins and Julia Sevilla played basketball in between rounds two and three. All three players have 2.0/3.

12 and Under

Ben Li 2.5
Annie Wang, Rayan Taghizadeh 2.0
David Peng 1.5
Advait Patel, Andrew Titus 0.5


In a section with all six players already masters, Ben Li leads everyone.


Andrew Titus getting ready for his game at the Chess Castle of Minnesota, with TD Dan Voje. All players have a tournament director on-site and many are being hosted by their local chess club.

Girls 13 and Under

Camille Kao is playing in her second CONIC. She is the highest-rated and leads with 2.5/3.
Another report will be posted after the conclusion of the event. Don't forget to watch rounds four and five on (Sunday, 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Pacific).
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