Carlsen Heads Grand Chess Tour Line-Up As All Invitees Sign Up
The 10 Grand Chess Tour participants.

Carlsen Heads Grand Chess Tour Line-Up As All Invitees Sign Up

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GM Magnus Carlsen tops the field of this year's Grand Chess Tour as all invitees confirmed their participation in the sixth edition of the tour. Today the organizers announced which players will play in which event.

A press release from the Grand Chess Tour states that all invited players have signed up for the tour and that their event allocations have been finalized. The 10 full-tour participants will play in both the Superbet Chess Classic Romania in Bucharest in May and in the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis in September. In addition, they will each participate in two of the three rapid and blitz events as indicated below:

2020 Grand Chess Tour | Allocation Of Players

Event Superbet
Chess Classic
St. Louis
Playing Dates May 5-15 June 24 - 28 July 4 - 8 Aug. 25 - 29 Aug. 31-Sep. 10
City Bucharest,
St. Louis,
St. Louis,
1 Carlsen Carlsen Carlsen Ding Liren Carlsen
2 Ding Liren Nakamura Ding Liren Nakamura Ding Liren
3 Caruana Vachier-Lagrave Caruana Vachier-Lagrave Caruana
4 Nepomniachtchi Caruana So Grischuk Nepomniachtchi
5 Giri So Grischuk Aronian Giri
6 Grischuk Nepomniachtchi Nepomniachtchi Giri Grischuk
7 Vachier-Lagrave Aronian Giri Wildcard Vachier-Lagrave
8 So Wildcard Wildcard Wildcard So
9 Aronian Wildcard Wildcard Wildcard Aronian
10 Nakamura Wildcard Wildcard Wildcard Nakamura

The full-tour players will be joined by three wildcard invitees at the events in Paris and Zagreb and by four wildcard invitees in St. Louis. Details of the wildcards for each of the events will be released later.

The tour consists of just five events this year, compared to eight last year. The London Chess Classic won't be part of it this time, not as a host for the playoffs, nor as a standalone event. This played an important role in Carlsen's availability as the Norwegian has a world championship match scheduled for November, and he tends to rest in the month after.

The full-tour participants were selected as follows:

# Selection
1-3 2019 GCT Standings The top three winners from the 2019 Grand Chess Tour
4–6 FIDE Classical Rating Top three (not already selected) of FIDE classical ratings on January 1, 2020
7-9 Universal Rating System Top three (not already selected) of Universal Rating List on January 1, 2020
10 GCT Nominee Selected by the GCT Advisory Board

Tour participants will compete for a total prize fund of $1.275 million over the course of the season. The prize money for two classical tournaments will be $325,000 per event, while the prize fund for the rapid and blitz events will be $150,000 each. In addition, a bonus prize fund totaling $175,000 will be awarded to the top three overall tour finishers.

The 2020 Grand Chess Tour's major sponsors are Vivendi SA, Colliers International, the Saint Louis Chess Club, the Croatia National Tourist Board and the Superbet Foundation.

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