2nd Metropolitan International

2nd Metropolitan International

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Dionisio Aldama.jpgThe 2nd Metropolitan International took place in Los Angeles, California from 14-18 August 2012.

A total of 58 players competed in a 9-round open Swiss designed to provide title norms.  The top seeds were GM Timur Gareev, GM Robert Hess and GM Varuzhan Akobian.

IM Dionosio Aldama (pictured) emerged as the winner following a tie-break playoff with GM Timur Gareev after both players scored 7/9.

Congratulations to Kayden Troff who scored 5½ points to become an IM-elect!

The top half of the standings (full pairings and results here):

Name  Elo Pts
1 GM Timur Gareyev  2658 7.0
2 IM Dionisio Aldama  2425 7.0
3 GM Varuzhan Akobian  2617 6.5
4 GM Alexander Shabalov  2553 6.5
5 IM Darwin Yang  2486 6.0
6 IM Daniel J Ludwig  2483 6.0
7 GM Melikset Khachiyan  2478 6.0
8 GM Elshan Moradiabidi  2570 5.5
9 GM* Enrico Sevillano  2526 5.5
10 GM Gildardo J Garcia  2390 5.5
11 Samuel Sevian  2316 5.5
12 FM Adarsh Jayakumar  2292 5.5
13 FM Kayden W Troff  2279 5.5
14 IM Andranik Matikozyan  2400 5.0
15 IM Zhanibek Amanov  2380 5.0
16 Luke Harmon-Vellotti  2297 5.0
17 GM Dejan Bojkov  2556 4.5
18 GM Mesgen Amanov  2516 4.5
19 IM Mackenzie Molner  2491 4.5
20 IM Luca Shytaj  2486 4.5
21 IM Dean Ippolito  2448 4.5
22 IM David Pruess  2375 4.5
23 Gregory Young  2368 4.5
24 IM Jack Peters  2355 4.5
25 FM Yian Liou  2350 4.5
26 IM Larry A Remlinger  2330 4.5
27 FM Konstantin Kavutskiy  2281 4.5
28 Michael William Brown  2247 4.5
29 Sean Vibbert  2240 4.5



About Metropolitan Chess

Metropolitan Chess, Inc. is a new chess corporation in the greater Los Angeles area. We are committed to providing quality tournaments.

It is the goal of Metropolitan Chess, Inc. to promote and support the game of chess through community outreach and local, national, and international partnerships. We also aim to increase awareness of the educational value of chess, and ultimately provide greater opportunities for chess players of all strengths in which to learn, develop and grow.  To this aim, we run regular GM/IM norm tournaments.

In that vein, we continue to support many local scholastic programs and tournaments by various methods.

Metropolitan Chess, Inc. is run by NM Ankit Gupta, FM Konstantin Kavutskiy, IM Zhanibek Amanov, Expert Alejandro Ruiz Jr., and some part-time staff.

NM Ankit Gupta is the President and Chief Organizer for Metropolitan Chess, Inc.

FM Konstantin Kavutskiy and IA Randy Hough are the chief/deputy arbiter for Metropolitan Chess, Inc. events.

Several part-time support staff assist in the growth of the corporation.

Metropolitan Chess, Inc. caters to the needs of the individual -- we can customize a teaching plan for you with our instructors, FM Konstantin Kavutskiy and/or IM Zhanibek Amanov. Contact us for details.

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