3rd International Livigno Chess Open

3rd International Livigno Chess Open

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Livigno Open 2012.jpgPRESS RELEASE: Great Chess In The Alps!

The International Livigno Chess Open is grabbing interest from players from all over the world.

Three weeks before the tournament (which will take place from 10th to 17th September in Livigno, a beautiful village on the Italian Alps) there are about 60 players who registered – among them 21 GMs and IMs, despite the Chess Olympiads taking place just before this event. In total no less than 17 nations are represented in probably one of the highest located chess competitions in the world.

Sergey Volkov (Russia - 2011 winner) has confirmed his participation, as well as 2009 Senior World Champion Miso Cebalo (Croatia) and quite a few players from India. Overall there are 26 players with Elo above 2400; 16 above 2500 and one above 2600, the Luxembourgian-Italian Alberto David.

Moreover there will be a big group of Italian players, such as Dario Collutiis, Andrea Stella, Alessio Valsecchi, Marco Codenotti and Fabio Bruno. All of them will compete for the prize money (a total of 9,000 euro) as well as a prestigious Baume & Mercier watch, a whole Parmesan Cheese wheel (weighing about 40 kilos) and plenty of local products.

There will be two tournaments, one for players with Elo above 2000 and one for all the others – therefore even less strong people will have their chance to have fun. All this will take place in Livigno, a nice mountain resort in Italy surrounded by woods, with a great panorama and plenty of side activities. More information on the resort:

Deadline for inscriptions is 31st August. Further information and registration:

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