3rd Livigno Chess Open Underway

3rd Livigno Chess Open Underway

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Livigno Open 2012.jpgPRESS RELEASE 10 September 2012 - An antidote to boredom

The Chess Olympiads in Istanbul finished 10th September. If you already miss them, do not despair! You can follow the 3rd International Livigno Chess Open.

No less than 86 chess players have gathered – among them 14 GMs, 14 IMs, 7 FMs and 1 WFM in the Open A alone. This is a good result, as many of the strong players interested in attending this event were busy at the Olympiads in Istanbul. Overall 18 nations are represented, from South America to Europe and Asia (in particular India).

The tournament takes place in Plaza Plachéda congress centre, inside a wide, comfortable conference room. Plaza Plachéda is also the headquarter of Livigno Tourist Office (Apt Livigno), which has supported the festival organizers for 3 editions. During the opening ceremony, Luca Moretti, President of Apt Livigno, has expressed his wishes for an International Livigno Chess Open taking place in 2013 and following years.

Already during the first round there have been some outsiders visiting the playing room, in order to see some very strong (and less strong) players in action. This interest is also linked to a quite intense publicity work carried out by the local Chess Club, which regularly organizes other events and activities.

So, for example, in the week preceding the tournament there was a course for adults and children, who were able to learn strategies and tactics. Like last year, this period was called “the week of the wooden horse” (in local dialect “la sc'temàna di cavàgl da légn”), a reference to the chess club logo.

Other than travelling to Livigno (a very nice Alpine village which is in any case worth a visit), you can follow the tournament online. Open A games are broadcast live on the official website. Moreover there are regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. The 3rd International Livigno Chess Open will last until 17th September 2012.

Further information, game times and results:

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