4th Pivdenny Cup for Tregubov

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Pavel Tregubov won the 4th Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup on tiebreak, after finishing shared first with Yuri Drozdovskij, Boris Gelfand and Ruslan Ponomariov, half a point clear of Anatoly Karpov. A big pictorial report this time.

The 4th Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup took place May 30-June 2, 2008. Venue for this Efim Geller memorial was the Law Faculty of University of Odessa (Ukraine).

In the eight-player double round-robin the rate of play was ten minutes per game plus five seconds per move. After fourteen rounds in three days, Tregubov emerged as the winner on tiebreak. If you want to know more about Pavel Tregubov: last year I had an interview with him in Paris.


Here's a selection of 14 interesting games for replay.

3008 Together with Tregubov, the two Ks are watching another game...

3014 ...and then get together for another Karpov-Korchnoi match (round 7) - "Can we start?"

3010 Karpov trying to remember a sharp line of the Nimzo-Indian...

3032 ...and winning the first game in just nineteen moves

6015 The start of the second game (round 14)

6016 What opening haven't we played yet?

6017 Well, let's do another Nimzo!

6018 Wait a minute, 11.dxc5, this is not what our great tutor Botvinnik did against Capablanca, was it...?"

6019 In this second game, Korchnoi has to settle for a draw and another lost match

6038 "No Viktor, Botvinnik played 11.Bxa6 but you're right that it was at the AVRO tournament in 1938."

6009 Ponomariov resigns to Tregubov in round 11

6006 Boris Gelfand vs Valery Beim

5015 Beim - Ponomariov

6004 GM, Chess Today editor and King's Indian expert Mikhail Golubev finished last in his home town, but surely must have had a great weekend

6025 The winner between the legends...

6039 ...and at the press conference answering questions and showing his cup

6030 Ruslan Ponomariov receiving his prize

6031 Boris Gelfand, also shared first

4003 All players received this medal

6002 And while most attention went to Korchnoi, giving interviews...

6001 ...and signing autographs...

6037 ...some blitz games urgently needed some serious analysis!


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