64 (Moscow) leads in Dagomys, meets St Petersburg today

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Russian Team ChChess Club "64" from Moscow is the favourite to win the Russian Team Championship. The team with Boris Gelfand on first board leads with a 2-point margin. They play their nearest rival today, St Petersburg, whose women's team won already. Again we selected 14 games and annotated them.

The 17th Russian Team Championship takes place from April 1st to 10th in hotel complex "Dagomys", close to Sochim Russia. Play starts daily at 15:00 local time which is 13:00 CET (GMT/UTC +3) with a rest day on April 6th. The rate of play is 100 minutes for the first 40 moves, then 50 minutes for the next 20 moves and then 10 minutes to end the game with 30 seconds increment for each move.

The "Premier League" is a single round-robin consisting of ten teams, with no less than three of the nine teams have an average rating of 2700 or higher. The lineups:

1. Economist-SGSEU - 1 (2704) - Wang Yue, Eljanov, Tomashevsky, Alekseev, Ni Hua, Moiseenko, Roiz, Andreikin 2. SPb Chess Fed (2700) - Ivanchuk, Svidler, Vitiugov, Movsesian, Zvjaginsev, Efimenko, Sakaev, Yemelin 3. ShSM-64 (2700) - Gelfand, Karjakin, Wang Hao, Caruana, Grachev, Riazantsev, Najer, Savchenko 4. Yugra (2689) - Grischuk, Jakovenko, Malakhov, Rublevsky, Landa, Sjugirov, Pridorozhni, Kabanov 5. Tomsk-400 (2687) - Ponomariov, Motylev, Bologan, Kurnosov, Inarkiev, Khismatullin, Timofeev, Amonatov 6. Ural (2618) - Nepomniachtchi, Belov, Kobalia, Lysyj, Ponkratov, Deviatkin, Shariyazdanov, Rashkovsky 7. M.Chigorin Chess Club (2584) - Khairullin, Matlakov, Romanov, Popov, Ionov, Shimanov, Anisimov, Levin 8. Etude-Contact (2555) - Khenkin, Rakhmanov, Chadaev, Papin, Krylov, Gabrielian, Chernobay, Orlinkov 9. Economist-SGSEU - 2 (2548) - Kovchan, Evdokimov, Novikov, Dyachkov, Iljushin, Lushenkov, Shukh, Sharafiev 10. BelGU (2493) - Ivanov, Potkin, Gasanov, Panarin, Bryzgalin, Uzhva, Fomichenko, Khoroshilov

Rounds 6-7

After the rest day on Tuesday, the Russian Team Championship resumed on Wednesday with the 6th round. Co-leader "64" from Moscow continued strongly with a 4.5-1.5 victory over Economist 1. Karjakin defeated former compatriot Eljanov to reach a score of 4/5. Wang Hao (also 64) beat Tomashevsky and Riazantsev deafeted Ni Hua; the other three games ended in draws, including Gelfand-Wang Yue. St Petersburg lost a tough match against Ural 3.5-2.5, where all games ended in a draw except for Ponkratov-Zvjaginsev, where Black sacrificed a rook on c3 in a Sicilian but couldn't get enough compensation.

The next day 64 won their sixth match, a 1-5 victory over the Chigorin Chess Club, to reach a score of 13 match points. St Petersburg recoved with a narrow 3.5-2.5 win against Yugra, with a theoretically important victory for Ivanchuk against Grischuk's Najdorf (Poisened Pawn).

Russian Team Ch 2010 | Premier League | Round 7 Standings
Russian Team Ch 2010 | Premier League | Round 5 Standings

Today, in the 8th round, the big clash between number one "64" and St Petersburg is scheduled, with the following games: Gelfand-Ivanchuk, Karjakin-Svidler, Wang Hao-Vitiugov, Caruana-Movsesian, Grachev-Zvjaginsev and Savchenko-Efimenko. Number three Economist plays the Chigorin Chess Club.

Selection rounds 6-7

Game viewer by ChessTempo

In the women's section the Championship only lasted seven rounds. In the decisive last round, St Petersburg overtook Giprorechtrans with a 2.5-3.5 victory and so the team led by Cmilyte and Socko finished 1 match point ahead.


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