A Spectacular Siberian Game

A Spectacular Siberian Game

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2015 has seen quite a few spectacular games, and this week another one was played. Again, Denis Khismatullin was involved.

The game was played at the Governor's Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, the capital of the Yugra region. Besides Moscow it is a major chess location for Russia, having hosted many World Cups, an Olympiad and other tournaments in recent years.

The Governor's Cup is the last preliminary tournament for the Russian Cup; the Cup final will be held right after this one, also in Khanty-Mansiysk.

The Church of the Resurrection in Khanty-Maniysk. | Photo Russian Chess Federation.

The strongest participants are Vladislav Artemiev, Ivan Bukavshin, Denis Khismatullin, Sanan Sjugirov and Aleksandr Rakhmanov. Two of these players played a fascinating game in round three.

Khismatullin, who played that wonderful game against Pavel Eljanov in February in Jerusalem, was on the losing side this time. It was a classic case of deceiver deceived, as Sanan Sjugirov had looked a bit deeper in this the tactical mayhem:

The kind of game that warms you up in cold Siberia! Although Peter Svidler stated that the Icelandic climate was “familiar,” suggesting that it was one of the factors behind Russia's success last week. (Or was it the football played at their training camp, as Ian Nepomniachtchi mentioned in an interview?)

San Sjugirov had seen just a bit further. | Photo Russian Chess Federation.

After four of the nine rounds, top seed Artemiev is in shared first place with Sjugirov and Aleksandrov, with 3.0/4.

17-year-old Artemiev seems on his way to reach a 2700 rating soon. He had no problems with Mikhail Antipov's sideline Sicilian:

Vladislav Artemiev, one of Russia's biggest talents currently. | Photo Russian Chess Federation.

Here's another fine game from the same tournament, played in the fourth round. White plays the Catalan, or makes his opponent believe so. Before you know it he has castled...queenside!

2015 Governor's Cup | Round 4 Standings (Top 10)

Rk SNo Name Ti FED Rtg Pts TB1 TB2 TB3
1 1 Artemev Vladislav GM RUS 2676 3 9,5 8 2
2 4 Syugirov Sanan GM RUS 2646 3 8 6,5 2
3 6 Aleksandrov Aleksey GM BLR 2615 3 7,5 6,5 2
4 5 Rakhmanov Aleksandr GM RUS 2637 2,5 9 7 1
5 2 Bukavshin Ivan GM RUS 2657 2,5 8 6,5 1
6 14 Timofeev Artem GM RUS 2555 2,5 7,5 6 1
7 23 Litvinov Maksim RUS 2391 2,5 7 6 1
8 12 Rozum Ivan GM RUS 2559 2,5 6,5 6 2
9 9 Goganov Aleksey GM RUS 2597 2,5 6,5 5,5 1
10 3 Khismatullin Denis GM RUS 2654 2 9,5 7,5 1

(Full standings here.)

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