Aguascalientes: dames weer sterkerAguascalientes: ladies win again

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Just like last year, the ladies' team beat the men's team at the 2nd Chess Tournament "Festival de las Calaveras" which took place earlier this month in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The tournament was a double round-robin that followed the Scheveningen system, with a women's team consisting of GM Antoaneta Stefanova from Bulgaria, WGM Marie Sebag from France, WGM Elisabeth Paehtz from Germany and WGM Yang Shen from China, and a men's team consisting of GM Jose Gonzalez, IM Alfonso Almeida, FM Guillermo Dominguez and FM Uriel Capo, all from Mexico.

It was the second edition of the ?¢‚Ǩ?ìFestival de las Calaveras?¢‚Ǩ?, held 12-19 November in the Mexican town of Aguascalientes (translated as "hot waters"). Just like last year, the ladies team won. Coming from France, China, Bulgaria and Germany, the women beat four Mexican male chess players 19,5-12,5. Topscorers for their individual teams were Stefanova and Gonz?ɬ°lez, both with 6 out of 8 games.

The results:

1 Antoaneta Stefanova   6
2 Yang Shen            5,5
3 Marie Sebag           4
4 Elisabeth Paethz      4


1 Jos?ɬ© Gonz?ɬ°lez 6 2 Alfonso Almeida 4 3 Uriel Capo 1,5 4 Guillermo Dom?ɬ?nguez 1


Some fragments:

The tournament was held in the Aguascalientes Musem

GM Jos?ɬ© Gonz?ɬ°lez vs. GM Antoaneta Stefanova

FM Uriel Cap?ɬ? vs. WGM Elisabeth Paehtz

WGM Shen Yang vs. MI Guillermo Dom?ɬ?nguez

WGM Marie Sebag vs. MI Alfonso Almeida

The playing hall

Photos courtesy of the official website. The organizers also made a video:

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