All games drawn in 11th round Linares

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Linares R11Going into the final rest day, Alexander Grischuk is still a point clear of the rest of the field in Linares after all games in the 11th round ended in a draw.

From February 18 till March 8 the 26th Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez Ciudad de Linares takes place. There is no appearance fee for the players this time; the prize fund is € 314,000. The winner takes € 100,000, the second place is € 75,000 and the third player earns € 50,000.

Round 11 Tournament leader Grischuk didn't avoid a theoretical discussion against Radjabov, and so the two followed King's Indian (Bayonet Attack) theory for twenty moves, reaching an ending that was known to be a about equal, and is still known as that after this game.

Dominguez didn't repeat his 8.d4 gambit with which he had beaten Aronian last month; instead he went for a more quiet Anti-Marshall line, 8.h3, the same move Karjakin had chosen in Wijk aan Zee. That game only lasted six more moves before the peace treaty was signed, but this game lasted much longer; mostly because Dominguez' strategy had failed and Aronian enjoyed a plus for a long time in the ending. The Cuban defended well and then the players played on until stalemate in the rook ending.

Wang Yue-Anand started with a line from the Nimzo-Indian which we don't see too often at top level. The position became very closed, similar to a King's Indian but without the bad bishop on g7 and then suddenly the players had enough of it. Carlsen and Ivanchuk were done even quicker; with the last minor piece Black developed, he already started a repetition of moves.

Wednesday is the last rest day. Grischuk is defending a one-point lead during the last three rounds, but he has a tough schedule: Carlsen with Black, Anand with White and in the last round Aronian with Black. The tournament is far from over yet!

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