All Tata Steel Participants Announced

All Tata Steel Participants Announced

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All participants of both the masters and the challengers groups of the 2016 Tata Steel Chess Tournament have been announced.

Since early November we have known that Magnus Carlsen is going to defend his title at the 2016 Tata Steel Chess Tournament. The Norwegian star is going to play in Wijk aan Zee for the 12th time.

Back then, 12 of the 14 participants in the masters group were announced. Since then, the other two names were revealed as well: Evgeny Tomashevsky and Pavel Eljanov.

Tomashevsky qualifed as the wildcard of the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP). Pavel Eljanov convinced the organizers in Baku, where he played very well in the World Cup.

Tata Steel 2016 | Participants, Masters

Name Rating World # Country
Magnus Carlsen 2834 1 Norway
Fabiano Caruana 2787 7 USA
Anish Giri 2784 8 The Netherlands
Ding Liren 2776 9 China
Wesley So 2775 10 USA
Sergey Karjakin 2766 12 Russia
Pavel Eljanov 2763 13 Ukraine
Shakhryar Mamedyarov 2748 16 Azerbaijan
Evgeny Tomashevsky 2744 18 Russia
Michael Adams 2737 20 Great Britain
Wei Yi 2730 27 China
David Navara 2730 26 Czech Republic
Hou Yifan 2683 59 China
Loek van Wely 2636 132 The Netherlands


The participants of the challengers were announced last week. Yet again it's a mix of all kinds of players: young, more experienced, solid, more aggressive, you name it.

The Dutch audience has to do without the legendary Jan Timman this year. Instead, a promising young star is making his debut: Jorden van Foreest. At only 16 he is the youngest Dutch grandmaster at the moment.

Van Foreest will meet the youngest grandmaster in the world in this tournament: the American Samuel Sevian, who is only 15.

Nijat Abasov qualified for the challengers by winning the Cultural Village tournament recently. Alexei Dreev, a former winner in Wijk aan Zee, qualified as another ACP wild card: the one for veteran players (45 years and older (Dreev is 46).


Tata Steel 2016 | Participants, Challengers

Name Country Rating
Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu Germany 2675
Adhiban Baskaran India 2669
Eltaj Safarli Azerbaijan 2653
Alexey Dreev Russia 2644
Erwin l’Ami Netherlands 2628
Benjamin Bok Netherlands 2594
Samuel Sevian United States 2578
Mikhail Antipov Russia 2569
Nijat Abasov Azerbaijan 2556
Jorden van Foreest Netherlands 2547
Ju Wenjun China 2543
Nino Batsiashvili Georgia 2498
Miguoël Admiraal Netherlands 2438
Anne Haast Netherlands 2390


The 78th edition will run from January 15-31 in Wijk aan Zee, Utrecht and Amsterdam. 

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