Anand Catches McShane In London

Anand Catches McShane In London

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Vishy Anand_cropped.jpgVishy Anand beat Nigel Short with the black pieces in round four of the London Chess Classic to join Luke McShane as joint leader.

The champion (pictured) missed chances in his first two games at the London Chess Classic, but now has two wins and is right back in the hunt.

The tournament underdog Howell has managed some creative escape acts so far, but he was no match for Kramnik today.  The Russian established a powerful passed pawn at d5 which effectively decided the game when its advance could not be prevented.

The longest game of the day was between Carlsen and Nakamura.  A tense and cautious opening phase eventually exploded into life, with Carlsen gaining the upper hand when Naka missed 38. Rxg6+ winning a pawn. There was no escape for the American this time, as Carlsen's hot and cold tournament blew hot again.

McShane's draw with Mickey Adams ensured that he remains unbeaten and still has a share of the lead with three rounds to go.  In round five Anand will have the white pieces against McShane in a game which could decide the winner of the whole competition.

The standings after four rounds:

 Name Elo Pts
 Anand, Viswanathan 2804 8
 McShane, Luke 2645 8
 Kramnik, Vladimir 2791 7
 Carlsen, Magnus 2802 6
 Nakamura, Hikaru 2741 5
 Adams, Michael 2723 5
 Howell, David 2611 2
 Short, Nigel 2680 1






Tomorrow (Sunday) the games start at the regular time of 14:00 GMT and will feature Adams v Kramnik, Anand v McShane, Nakamura v Short, and Howell v Carlsen.

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