Anand Hits Back In Game 2

Anand Hits Back In Game 2

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Vishy_Anand.jpgAfter taking a drubbing in the opening game of the world championship, the reigning champion Anand (pictured) showed his mettle to win the second game against Topalov to level the scores at 1-1.

Anand tried the Catalan, sacrificing a pawn for long-term pressure as Topalov struggled to complete his development.  This time it was Topalov in trouble and when Anand established connected passed pawns the end was nigh for the challenger.

Hundreds of members tuned in to TV to listen to the free live commentary.  Many thanks to GM Josh Friedel and and NM Arun Sharma for their efforts today!

Anand and Topalov face off in game two (picture courtesy of the official website)


Tomorrow is the first rest day, so game three is scheduled for Tuesday 27 April at 12:00 GMT.

Today's game is below with commentary from GM Magesh Panchanathan.



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