Anand v Topalov Game 10

Anand v Topalov Game 10

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WCC2010_Game_8b.jpgI don't know about the players, but I'm exhausted and my nerves are shredded just watching them slugging it out!

An amazing game 9 saw Anand outplay Topalov only to fail to land the crucial decisive blow. In an agonisingly complicated and tense game, Anand's two rooks should have been able to tame the challenger's queen, but Topalov escaped with perpetual check (picture from the official site).

So the score is tied at 4.5-4.5 and the championship goes down to the last three games, with Topalov having two white's compared to just one for Anand.

Game 10 starts at 12:00 GMT on 7 May. will have live coverage at TV for Platinum and Diamond members only.  As always, the official site will be broadcasting the moves live.


Analysis by GM Magesh Panchanathan...

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