Anand v Topalov Live Coverage

Anand v Topalov Live Coverage

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With the World Chess Championship starting on Saturday 24 April, is pleased to announce live coverage of the match on TV.

Games start at 12:00 GMT (except the first game, which starts at 14:00 GMT) and your commentary team will include GM Josh Friedel (2543 Elo), GM Jesse Kraai (2508 Elo), IM Sam Shankland (2486 Elo), IM David Pruess (2381 Elo) and NM Arun Sharma (2235 Elo).

 GM Josh Friedel   GM Jesse Kraai 
Josh_Friedel.jpg jesse_kraai.JPG
 IM Sam Shankland   IM David Pruess 
Sam_Shankland.jpg David_Pruess.JPG

The match schedule:

24-Apr Game 1
25-Apr Game 2
26-Apr Rest Day
27-Apr Game 3
28-Apr Game 4
29-Apr Rest Day
30-Apr Game 5
01-May Game 6
02-May Rest Day
03-May Game 7
04-May Game 8
05-May Rest Day
06-May Game 9
07-May Game 10
08-May Rest Day
09-May Game 11
10-May Rest Day
11-May Game 12
12-May Rest Day
13-May Tie-Breaks
14-May Closing Ceremony

We will also have written analysis of every game for those who miss the live commentary. GM Magesh (Thursday columnist for will be providing SonofPearl with his comments on the games, which will be in these daily news reports.


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