Anand Versus Kramnik Stats

Anand Versus Kramnik Stats

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Opinions are like belly-buttons.  Everyone has one.  Some people think Vishy Anand will successfully defend his title against Vladimir Kramnik; others think that Kramnik will overcome the Indian champion.

But what about the facts?  What do the actual stats say?

Anand and Kramnik have played each other 51 times at 'classical' time controls, and the results?  Kramnik wins 6, Anand 4 and the rest drawn.

So does that mean that Kramnik has an edge?  It's probably too close a result to be significant (Garry Kasparov, for example, had an overwhelming record against Anand of 23 wins and just 8 losses.  To be fair to Anand, Garry had an overwhelming record against most people!).

What about rapid games?  Anand has a reputation as a strong rapid player, so is this borne out by the stats?  Of the 46 rapid games the pair have played, Anand has won 10 and Kramnik just 2.  Therefore, it seems accurate to say that if the match goes to rapid playoffs, Anand will be favourite.

What about Blitz games?  There have only been 8, with the players sharing 2 wins apiece.  Let's hope the fate of the World Championship doesn't come down to such a lottery...

Whoever you think will win, most pundits and fans are predicting a close contest.  Let's hope for some great chess along the way!

Here are two of the decisive games at classical time controls.  The first sees Kramnik slowly grinding Anand into submission using his favourite Catalan Opening.  The second shows Kramnik blundering into an embarrassingly quick loss.

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