Anand Vs Gelfand Match Website

Anand Vs Gelfand Match Website

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The 2012 World Chess Championship match between Vishy Anand and Boris Gelfand starts on the 11th May, and the official match website is now live at

The 12-game match will take place in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the main sponsor is the Russian entrepreneur Andrey Filatov.

The time control is 40 moves in 120 minutes, followed by 20 moves in 60 minutes, and then 15 minutes plus a 30 second increment to finish.

The match schedule (times are Moscow time = UTC+4 hours):

Date Event Time Date Event Time
11-May Game  1  15:00 21-May Game  8  15:00
12-May Game  2  15:00 22-May Rest day   
13-May Rest day    23-May Game  9  15:00
14-May Game  3  15:00 24-May Game  10  15:00
15-May Game  4  15:00 25-May Rest day   
16-May Rest day    26-May Game  11  15:00
17-May Game  5  15:00 27-May Rest day   
18-May Game  6  15:00 28-May Game  12  15:00
19-May Rest day    29-May Rest day   
20-May Game  7  15:00 30-May Tie break  12:00

Anand (left) and Gelfand shake hands on the match agreement last year

Anand v Gelfand 2012 sign agreement match handshake.jpg

The opening ceremony takes place on 10th May, when the players will draw lots for white/black in the first game.  Colours then alternate, but are reversed after game 6 (the player with white in game 1 will play black in game 7).

If the match is level after 12 games there will be a 4-game rapid match tie-break at 25 minutes per game plus 10 second increment. If scores are still level a 2-game blitz match will be played at 5 minutes plus 3 second increment.

If the deadlock is not broken, there can be up to 5 of the these 2-game blitz matches before a sudden-death blitz game will decide the winner (5 minutes for white, 4 minutes for black, and a 3 second increment from move 61)

The head-to-head stats of Anand and Gelfand (from the official site) are:

  • Classical Games: Anand 6 wins, Gelfand 5 wins, 24 draws
  • Rapid Games: Anand 8 wins, Gelfand 1 win, 19 draws
  • Blitz Games: Anand 3 wins, Gelfand 0 wins, 4 draws

Gelfand's last win in a classical game against Anand was in 1993 in Biel.

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