And yes… there we have another one!

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It's been a while since we've seen another move in the game between the managers of Kramnik and Topalov, but today there was another letter from Carsten Hensel, basically stating that he will sue FIDE if the fifth match game isn't played directly after the last game.

Open Letter

To FIDE President H.E. Kirsan Illyumzhinov

To Head of the 2006 Executive Committee Mr. Valery Bovaev

Dear Mr President, Gentlemen,

Having received innumerable published and unpublished inquiries I would like to clarify, in the name of Vladimir Kramnik and his team, our position in the decision taken by FIDE regarding the fifth game of the current World Championship match.

1. As you know Vladimir Kramnik is playing the current match under protest. Nothing has changed in our attitude, which is documented by Kramnik's actions around the fifth game and our statements, protests and letters:

29.09.2006: 02.10.2006: 04.10.2006:

2. Consistent with this standpoint Vladimir Kramnik will be playing this match, including a possible tiebreak, up to the last move under protest.

3. Should the decision of FIDE regarding the fifth game have any influence on the awarding of the World Championship title, with Mr Topalov receiving the title after being granted a free point for the unplayed game, Mr Kramnik declares unequivocally: ?¢‚Ǩ?ìI will not recognize Mr Topalov as World Champion under these conditions, and I will take legal action against FIDE at the end of the World Championship.?¢‚Ǩ?

4. The damage done to Mr Kramnik in public opinion (e.g. the slander campaign) after the illegal release of private video images by the then FIDE Appeals Committee or the WCC 2006 Executive Committee to the Topalov team, and the subsequent release of these video images and private information of Mr Kramnik in his restroom to the mass media, as well as the interruption of the match, which broke Mr Kramnik's concentration and playing rhythm, will all be part of the legal action which will be initiated.

5. As a sign of good will Mr Kramnik once again requests FIDE to arrange for game five to be played out on the board immediately after game 12. This in our opinion is the only way to alleviate the personal, sporting, judicial and ethical injuries that have been incurred by Mr Kramnik.

Elista, October 10, 2006 On behalf of Vladimir Kramnik Yours sincerely Carsten Hensel (Manager to Vladimir Kramnik, Classical World Chess Champion)

So... Let's see what the Topalov reaction will be. But first watch the eleventh game!

Update 18.25 hrs: Today another draw, after another opening experiment by Topalov. Although he had the bishop pair, it was Kramnik who obtained winning chances.

Topalov-Kramnik Wch match (11), 2006

In timetrouble Black missed a way to keep realistic winning chances, which was the move 40...Rg2. After 41.Bd4 Be5 42.Kf1 Rd2 43.Bg1 Black is still slightly better.