Andorra, Najdorf Memorial, Politiken Cup and Villarobledo rapid

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Four tournamentsThere are so many chess tournaments taking place during summer that it's hardly possible to keep track. In this post we'll have a look of four that finished recently. Romain won in Andorra, Wojtaszek was the strongest at the Najdorf memorial, Negi & Avrukh tied for first at the Politiken Cup and Naiditsch won the very strong rapid tournament in Villarobledo.


Andorra 09French grandmaster Edouard Romain was the only player to finish on 7.5/9 in a field of 14 GM and 12 IMs, including Kevin Spraggett, Mihail Marin and Csaba Balogh.

Andorra 2009 | Final Standings (top 35)
Andorra 2009


Najdorf Memorial

Andorra 0922-year-old Polish grandmaster Radoslaw Wojtaszek won the 2009 Najdorf Memorial with a score of 6/9. In this single round-robin, held 18-26 July in Warsaw, veteran Eduardas Rozentalis finished undefeated as well, and on a fine second place with 5.5 points. Krishnan Sasikiran and Bartosz Socko underperformed a bit.

Najdorf Memorial 2009 | Final Standings
Najdorf Mem 2009


Politiken Cup

Politiken Cup 09The Politiken Cup, named after the Danish daily newspaper, is always one of the stronger opens in the summer calendar, and also one of the longer, running 10 instead of 9 rounds. This year it was held in Helsingor, about 40 km north of Copenhagen, from July 18th to 26th. Former prodigy Parimarjan Negi from India scored a new success, finishing on 8.5/10, together with Israeli grandmaster Boris Avrukh.

Politiken Cup 2009 | Final Standings (top 30)
Politiken Cup 2009


Villarobledo rapid

Villarobledo 09This annual rapid tournament, held for the 24th time already this weekend in the Spanish town of Villarrobledo, seems to be getting stronger every year. For Arkadij Naiditsch it meant excellent preparation for Mainz, where he'll face Anand, Aronian and Nepomniachtchi this week. The German grandmaster took clear first place with 7.5/9 after he won his first six games! After a quick draw with Grischuk in round 7 he then lost to Milov, but with another win against Ponomariov Naiditsch secured his € 3,000 Euros weekend jackpot anyway. Hou Yifan and Ljubomir Ljubojevic, both participants in the NH Chess Tournament in a few weeks, both scored a decent 6/9.

Villarobledo rapid 2009 | Final Standings (top 30)
Villarobledo rapid 2009


Game selection

The games of the strongest players in Andorra and at the Politiken Cup, all games of Wojtaszek at the Najdorf Memorial and all games of the Villarobledo rapid tournament can be replayed here:

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