Andreikin On Fire, Wins 4th Titled Tuesday

Andreikin On Fire, Wins 4th Titled Tuesday

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GM Dmitry Andreikin is one of the stalwart heroes of Titled Tuesday. He has finished in the money in 14 Tuesdays, but he has previously only won three events. Today, he upped his victory tally to four and garnered his third clear victory with plenty of inspiring and uncompromising play. In total, Andreikin has collected just shy of $2,700 in Titled Tuesdays.

Andreikin started with some early fun with this pretty victory over popular streamer FM Kevin Bordi (BlitzStream).

Andreikin's final two rounds were critical as there was a large and strong pack competing for the top prizes. First, he snagged victory over recent Titled Tuesday victor, GM Evgeny Shaposhnikov, in an exciting penultimate round.

Next, he delivered the critical last-round win over another recent victor, GM Evgeny Levin. The win guaranteed him clear first, a half-point ahead of GMs Zaven Andriasyan and Frederico Ponsa.

GM Daniel Naroditsky  did not win the early event (he did share first in the evening), but he did play this fun miniature in round three. Black resigned early, but properly, leaving some of the fun to the variations, which we will let the readers work out.

Naroditsky delivered some super-simple (for him) tactics.

Titled Tuesday, Early Event | Final Standings (6.5 Points And Up)

Number Rk Title Username Name Score
1 4 GM 2Vladimirovich90 Dmitry Andreikin 8
2 12 GM Genghis_K Federico Perez Ponsa 7.5
2 57 GM Zaven_Andriasyan Zaven Andriasyan 7.5
4 81 GM fireheart92 Adhiban Baskaran 7
5 23 IM swayamsm Swayams Mishra 7
6 28 GM Borsch7 Maxim Matlakov 7
7 10 GM Evgeny_Levin Evgeny Levin 6.5
8 1 GM howitzer14 David Howell 6.5
9 19 GM R-Ponomariov Ruslan Ponomariov 6.5
10 13 GM klounessa Даниил Линчевский 6.5
11 83 GM Drags95 Kamil Dragun 6.5
12 88 IM PaulfromSPb Pavel Anisimov 6.5
13 2 GM DanielNaroditsky Daniel Naroditsky 6.5
14 16 GM Fandorine Maksim Chigaev 6.5

Full v3 tournament crosstables available here.

The late event featured the largest tie for first place we have ever had in Titled Tuesday. The leader after five rounds with 5.0/5 was GM David Howell, who also played the early event and was the top seed. In the late event, he was the fourth seed, but the event treated him far better.

Howell wasn't able to convert his clear lead into clear first, but he did hang on and avoid slipping out of the money despite a (self-reported) rapidly depleting supply of energy.

Here he cashed in on a classic blitz oops in round seven.

Howell drew in 11 moves in the final round with GM Alan Pichot. Three moves earlier, co-leaders Naroditsky and Andriasyan also split the point. That ultimately allowed GM Jahongir Vakhidov and IM Minh Le to catch up to what was now a six-way tie for first with final-round wins.

Andriasyan was the only player to finish in the money in both events. | Photo

The epidemic of peace caused commentator GM Eric Hansen to note: "I would like to continue this trend and offer the audience a draw ... Let's go get some pizza." 

Here's an early and pretty finish from one of the ultimate winners, Vakhidov.

Titled Tuesday, Late Event | Final Standings (6.5 Points And Up)

Number Rk Title Username Name Score SB
1 2 GM Zaven_Andriasyan Zaven Andriasyan 7 40.5
2 4 GM howitzer14 David Howell 7 38.5
3 21 GM uzbektiger95 Jahongir Vakhidov 7 34.5
4 9 GM platy3 Alan Pichot 7 33
5 5 GM DanielNaroditsky Daniel Naroditsky 7 29.5
6 6 IM wonderfultime Minh Le 7 24.5
7 7 GM Evgeny_Levin Evgeny Levin 6.5 37.75
8 15 IM Alexander_Moskalenko Александр Moskalenko 6.5 33.25
9 31 GM Izoria123 Zviad Izoria 6.5 30.25
10 45 IM jk13 6.5 26
11 34 GM Nyzhnyk_Illia Illia Nyzhnyk 6.5 23.5

Full V3 tournament crosstables available here.

The full tournament with expert commentary from IM Aman Hambleton and Hansen is available on

Watch live video from on

Our early winners were Andreikin who earned $500 for clear first, GMs Perez Ponza and Andriasyan who both got $187.50 for second, and GMs Adhiban Baskaran, Maxim Matlakov, and IM Swayams Mishra who each claimed $42 for a cut of fourth. In the late event, GMs Andriasyan, Howell, Vhakidov, Pichot, Naroditsky, and IM Le all shared first and each got $167. For Andriasyan, that brought his daily total to $344.

The next Titled Tuesday will take place on December 6 at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time. Live broadcasts will be available on and

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