Aronian and Carlsen win 70th Corus

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Today already the last round of Corus 2008. The C group began at 11:30 CET and A and B one hour later. Pairings include Carlsen-Radjabov, Anand-Kramnik and Caruana-Negi. Interviews Movsesian & Caruana added

Negi can still end shared first with Caruana, but for this he has to beat the Italian with Black.

Here's an interview with the great Italian talent, champion of his country and expected winner of group C, Fabiano Caruana:

Update 14:34

Topalov and Adams have finished their tournament. There was not much to play for and the Bulgarian didn't act too agressively. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he was enjoying himself in hotel/cafe Sonnevanck until late last night. Anand-Kramnik is a prelude to their October match of course. They followed Svidler-Kramnik, Mexico 2007, until Black brought a novelty with 23...hxg4. Vishy apparently wasn't so sure about the pawn sac and repeated moves, but now Vladimir seems to be going for the win.

In Ivanchuk-Van Wely, Leko-Mamedyarov and Gelfand-Eljanov not much is happening yet; Polgar & Aronian smashed 27 moves of Marshall theory onto the board in no time. 27...Re5 was new compared to Nakamura-Aronian, Gibraltar 2005, and the ending looks drawish. This means Carlsen-Radjabov is very important, because Magnus might be going for a clear tournament victory today.

Movsesian drew quickly and thus secured his tournament victory in group B. Here's an interview with him.

Update 16:32h

Many games ended in draws already, as always in these last rounds. One of them was Polgar-Aronian, and so all eyes are focused on the Wonderboy. After the time control, Carlsen seems to have a tiny edge against Radjabov, so who knows... Leko finished his tournament with a victory against Mamedyarov, who disappointed this year. Out of the opening Black got some troubles and after he missed 22...Ne5, it was over already. Van Wely also got into trouble but he did manage to schwindle against Chucky. Anand-Kramnik hasn't changed that much; White is a pawn down but has strong pressure on the black kingside.

Caruana is beating Negi and so he's won the C tournament most convincingly. At some point he said he wanted to try for group A next year... Reinderman, who qualified via the Cultural Village Tournament, became best Dutchman and also secured promotion to B.

Update 18:06h

Already for about three quarters of an hour, Anand-Kramnik is the last game that's still not over yet. Kramnik's king got more and more into trouble, and Anand could even grab two pawns on the queenside - in short: Vishy was winning... until he missed 51.Rd1!, which is winning according to the engines. Did he try too much to end the game in style?

Update 20:20h

Anand couldn't win it anymore, and so Aronian and Carlsen are joint winners of the 70th Corus Chess Tournament. Because their individual game was a draw, SB points declared Aronian the winner and he received the first invitation for the Grand Slam Tournament in Bilbao in september. More about this in Aronian and Carlsen's press conference, which will be put online later tonight.

All games from today:

Round 13

Grandmastergroup A

V. Ivanchuk - L. van Wely ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? J. Polgar - L. Aronian ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? V. Topalov - M. Adams ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? B. Gelfand - P. Eljanov 1-0 P. Leko - S. Mamedyarov 1-0 M. Carlsen - T. Radjabov ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? V. Anand - V. Kramnik
Grandmastergroup B

I. Nepomniachtchi - N. Short ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? E. L'Ami - J. Smeets ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? H. Koneru - S. Movsesian ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? G. Sargissian - W. Spoelman I. Cheparinov - D. Stellwagen 1-0 M. Krasenkow - Y. Hou ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? E. Bacrot - P. Harikrishna ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ?
Grandmastergroup C

D. Ruijgrok - I. Krush Reinderman - Van der Werf ?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? E. Grivas - Z. Peng 1-0 F. Caruana - P. Negi 1-0 P. Carlsson - F. Nijboer 1-0 A. Braun - A. Ushenina 1-0 J. van der Wiel - S. Li 1-0

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Anand - KramnikCarlsen-Radjabov

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