Attacking ?ɬ† la Tarrasch

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Siegbert Tarrasch wasn't exactly known for his attacking games - in those days Rudolf Spielmann was the Last of the Mohicans trying to hold up romantic chess. It's also not an every day story that Black wins with a beautiful attack using Tarrasch's Defence, but that's what happened in round 6 of the SPICE Cup.

The second SPICE Cup is taking place 19-28 September at the Texas Tech University located in Lubbock, Texas. In the sixth round yesterday this great game was played:

The first moves of what would become a great game: Stefansson-Akobian...

...and here much further in the game, with Stefansson?Ǭ† under pressure by now

SPICE Cup results thus far:
Round 1 Akobian 1-0 Perelshteyn Becerra 1/2 Onischuk Stefansson 1/2 Harikrishna Kaidanov 0-1 Kritz Mikhalevski 1-0 Miton Round 2 Onischuk 1/2 Mikhalevski Harikrishna 1/2 Becerra Kritz 1/2 Perelshteyn Kaidanov 1-0 Stefansson Miton 1/2 Akobian
Round 3 Stefansson 0-1 Kritz Akobian 1/2 Onischuk Mikhalevski 1/2 Harikrishna Becerra 1/2 Kaidanov Perelshteyn 1/2 Miton Round 4 Onischuk 1-0 Perelshteyn Kritz 1/2 Miton Harikrishna 1/2 Akobian Kaidanov 0-1 Mikhalevski Stefansson 1/2 Becerra
Round 5 Perelshteyn 1/2 Harikrishna Akobian 1/2 Kaidanov Miton 1/2 Onischuk Mihalevski 1/2 Stefansson Becerra 1-0 Kritz Round 6 Becerra 1/2 Mikhalevski Kritz 1/2 Onischuk Harikrishna 1-0 Miton Stefansson 0-1 Akobian Kaidanov 1-0 Perelshteyn

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