Australian Championships 2008

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The Australian Chess Championships is currently taking place in Sydney, Australia from 2 to 11 January, 2008. There are three divisions in the event: the main championship section, the major (U2100) and minor (U1600).

Going into the penultimate round, round 10, three players are leading the main section with 7 points apiece. They are Serbian GM Dejan Antic, currently a resident of Sydney, Australian IM Stephen Solomon and Brazilian visitor IM Herman Van Riemsdijk.

IM Gary Lane, the 2004 Australian champion, is also in this event but having a terrible time. After 9 rounds he has collected only 4.5 points. In round 7 Lane lost to a local 15-year old boy who sports a rating of 2152. Then in round 8, the world famous author dropped another point by losing to another past champion (1965 and 1982) FM Douglas Hamilton.







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