'Azerbaijan vs World' Match

'Azerbaijan vs World' Match

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In the old days of Soviet chess dominance, there were some famous chess matches organised between the USSR and the 'Rest of the World'.  In more recent times, there hasn't really been a country dominant enough to take on everyone else...and that, arguably, still remains the case.

However, in an appealing echo of the old days, an Azerbaijan vs The World match is about to kick off in Baku.  This affair is on a much smaller scale, but the quality of the play promises to be very high.  The teams are:

For Azerbaijan

 Teimour Radjabov  2761
 Vugar Gashimov  2730
 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov  2725
 Gadir Guseinov  2659
 Rauf Mamedov  2645


For 'The World'

 Viswanathan Anand  2783
 Vladimir Kramnik  2759
 Alexei Shirov  2745
 Sergey Karjakin  2721


The match will take place from 7-9 May and will consist of 8 rounds of rapid games, using the Scheveningen system (i.e. each team member plays all the opposing team members). It's not clear to me how Azerbaijan's 5 players against the World's 4 players will work, but presumably the home country will rest a player in each round.

Live games are promised at the official website here.

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