Beware sleeping late in Dresden!

Beware sleeping late in Dresden!

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Strict punishment for latecomers at Dresden Olympiad

From November 12-25 2008, the biennial Chess Olympiad for national teams from around the globe, will be held in the German city of Dresden.  The official website for the event is here

For this Olympiad, FIDE has announced changes to the rules.  One change is that no draws will be allowed before the 30th move.  This effort to end the curse of 'Grandmaster Draws' should be welcomed.  However, another change may prove more controversial and challenging for those competitors who find they are often overdue, are habitually unhurried, or who are just terrifically tardy. Smile

To quote: "...all players have to be at their table exactly at the beginning of play to shake hands, just like in any other sports, or else they will lose the match".

Previously players have been able to saunter along to their table up to an hour late.  Let's hope that the elevators don't break down in the playing venue and that the doors are wide enough to accommodate the massive rush of players running to take their seats at the last minute.

What happens if BOTH players fail to turn up to shake hands at the designated time is unclear...

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