Bilbao R3: Topalov beats Carlsen, takes lead

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Veselin Topalov defeated Magnus Carlsen in the third round of the Grand Slam Final in Bilbao and in doing so, the Bulgarian took over the lead from his opponent. Aronian-Anand and Radjabov-Ivanchuk were drawn.

It was only the second decisive game of the tournament, and yet it was another win for the black pieces. Topalov reacted very well to an interesting pawn sacrifice by Carlsen, and after the Norwegian decided to win it back immediately, instead of going for active play, he soon was a pawn down again but this time it meant a lost ending.

Carlsen had looked at various possible plans after his 15.b4 ("a very interesting move" - Topalov) but after the game he said 16.Bc7 was probably not the best. "But I wanted to play it safely. My 21.Nd2 was a blunder - I missed 24...Bd8."

carlsen_topalov Topalov played a solid game to score the second win of the tournament

After a Slav turned into a Queen's Gambit Accepted, Aronian and Anand soon left the theoretical waters. Anand's 19...Bb4 was based on 21.Bd6 when Black will sacrifice an exchange, but after 21.Bxa7! it was White who could bring a promising exchange sac. It wasn't enough to get real winning chances, though.

aronian_anand_2 Many spectators at just three meters from the board

In yet another Queen's Gambit Accepted Radjabov gained the initiative with White, but Ivanchuk defended accurately. In timetrouble there suddenly appeared a move repetition on the board.

radjabov_ivanchuk "Final Chess Masters" must have been the result of a bad translation...

Results Round 3 Radjabov - Ivanchuk Aronian - Anand Carlsen - Topalov


If the classical system would have been applied, Carlsen would have dropped to 5th place:


Pairings Round 4 Aronian - Ivanchuk Carlsen - Radjabov Topalov - Anand

plaza The tent, covering the glass cube, at the Plaza Nueva

spectators Quite a lot of spectators every day, watching the players - it does feel a bit like a zoo sometimes

journalists The journalists sitting right next to it (left: Macauley Peterson; right: GM Javier Moreno, who is also the Technical Assistent to the arbiters)

fathers The fathers: Radjabov's (left) and Carlsen's (right)


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