Bilbao R4: Topalov, Carlsen, Arionian win

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With a smashing win against world champion Anand, Topalov added another three points to his score. So did Carlsen, who defeated Radjabov with White in a Chinese Dragon, becoming the virtual world's number one for the first time. Aronian won too - he beat Ivanchuk.

It was a victory that was clearly based on home preparation, Topalov admitted after his win against the world champion, which had lasted just 25 moves. This time Anand didn't avoid the latest theory in a Queen's Indian, but perhaps he should have.

His reaction to Topalov's novelty wasn't the best, and after one more inaccuracy his position already looked very difficult. A surprising final move suddenly ended the game very rapidly - Anand was outplayed today.

topalov_anand2 Topalov scored one of his most easy wins ever against Vishy Anand

Carlsen-Radjabov was the best game of the tournament so far - what a joy to have these two great fighters around, and luckily they will be for a few more years to come! Radjabov recently picked up the Dragon after Carlsen had more or less re-introduced it at the highest level, and in this game the Azeri GM went for 10...Rb8 - the "Chinese Dragon".

Black was probably doing fine in the middlegame, but in timetrouble it was White's attack that proved decisive. The whole Plaza Nueva knew what was going on because of the live commentary by Leontxo Garcia and Susan Polgar, assisted by Rybka on Leontxo's computer, and I must say it was a great experience to see so many people enjoying chess.

Due to his win, and Anand's loss, Carlsen has suddenly taken over Anand's number one position in the live ratings which can be viewed in the right column.

carlsen_radjabov2 Radjabov is not afraid of playing the Dragon against the player who rehabilitated this ultra sharp opening

Aronian-Ivanchuk did't get much attention today, but here too the white pieces were victorious. Aronian got a nice position out of the opening and was slightly better for a long time, but Ivanchuk managed to avoid real problems.

Because of some repetitions this game was one of the few in the tournament without timetrouble, and after move 40 the players seemed to head to a draw, until Ivanchuk started to make mistakes. 52...Ba6?! and especially 53...Nd3? were wrong, after which Aronian had no mercy.

aronian_ivanchuk Aronian winning his first game of the tournament, climbing to 3rd place

Results Round 4 Aronian - Ivanchuk 3-0 Carlsen - Radjabov 3-0 Topalov - Anand 3-0


This time there isn't a difference between the "football" and the "classical" system:


Pairings Round 5 Ivanchuk - Topalov Anand - Carlsen Radjabov - Aronian

topalov Topalov having a great start in his home country (he lives in Salamanca)

anand Thus far Anand, like Kramnik, is not having a great last tournament before the big match

anandresigns Carlsen and Aronian witness the moment when Anand resigns

webcams The four webcams of the official site in action

tournament The blitz tournament, held daily next to the glass cube

leonhoyos GM Manuel Leon Hoyos, this tournament assisting Ivanchuk again, and today wearing a Liverpool shirt

carlsen 17-year-old Magnus Carlsen: virtually the world's number one, for the very first time

aronian_ivanchuk2 Aronian and Ivanchuk "analysed" (Levon standing, Vassily still sitting at the board) for about ten minutes after the game...

aronian ...and one variation was apparently quite funny!

spassky Boris Vasilievich, the 10th World Champion, has arrived today - he'll do the commentary at the plaza with Leontxo Garcia during the second week


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