Bilbao R6: Carlsen leads again after Aronian blunders

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Thanks to the 3-points system, Magnus Carlsen has taken sole lead at the Bilbao Grand Slam after he profited from a blunder by Levon Aronian. He overtook Topalov, who drew with Radjabov - the same result as in Ivanchuk-Anand.

It was a very quick draw, between Ivanchuk and Anand, and the games leave very little to talk about. White's novelty in the Slav doesn't seem to be a real threat to the specific line and after Anand could bring the pawn structures to total symmetry again, the position lost all of its flavour.

For any player a draw with Black is fine here, and for Anand, well, the quicker the better perhaps at this point. Ivanchuk didn't yet want to admit that he's not playing as well as he was in Moscow: "There's still four more rounds to go."

ivanchuk_anand Drawing quickly: Ivanchuk and Anand

What a difference with the game Carlsen-Aronian, where right from the start the board was set on fire. Carlsen's first pawn sacrifice was still theory but his second one was new and very creative. It remains to be seen whether it was also correct, but it did bring Aronian in a dangerous position because of his king in the centre. And indeed the Armenian grandmaster soon made some mistakes and, quite suddenly, he was dead lost.

carlsen_aronian Carlsen strengthens his virtual number one position after Aronian blunders

One of the most interesting draws so far in this tournament was Topalov-Radjabov. The tournament leader seemed to be cruising to win, as he grabbed more and more space both in the centre and on the kingside, but after just one inaccuracy Radjabov could hold his position. He even got a very small advantage himself, and tried it for a while but without making any progress.

topalov_radjabov Topalov draws with Radjabov and drops to second place

Results Round 6 Ivanchuk - Anand 1-1 Topalov - Radjabov 1-1 Carlsen - Aronian 3-0


There's quite a difference between the "football" and the "classical" system now. Carlsen is in sole lead, despite having less SB points, and Aronian didn't drop from third to last place today:


Pairings Round 7: Carlsen - Ivanchuk Aronian - Topalov Radjabov - Anand


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