Bilbao R7: Ivanchuk beats Carlsen, Aronian beats Topalov

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To the question who would stop Magnus Carlsen in Bilbao, the answer could only be: Vassily Ivanchuk. In another very sharp game, the Ukrainian profited from a mistake in the opening by the tournament leader. Radjabov-Anand was a quick draw and Aronian beat Topalov.

According to Carlsen, who just keeps on playing sharp and interesting games, it was a one-move loss - he didn't like 13.Be2 at all. "But the standings are still pretty good for me so I'm optimistic," he said at the press conference, and he was smiling. He didn't seem affected at all.

Ivanchuk was, of course: he was just very happy. And he had all the reason to be, as he had played very strongly with the black pieces.

carlsen_ivanchuk Ivanchuk: finally more of his great play that he showed in Moscow and Sofia

Radjabov and Anand started to repeat moves at an early stage, as both players thought that to continue the game would involve too much risk.

radjabov_anand Drawing quickly: Radjabov and Anand

Aronian recovered from his loss of yesterday by beating Topalov, who just had a bad day. At the question how exactly he recovered, Aronian answered: "I'm reading Kafka!" :-)

aronian_topalov Carlsen watching, during the opening phase of Aronian-Topalov

Results Round 7 Carlsen - Ivanchuk 0-3 Radjabov - Anand 1-1 Aronian - Topalov 3-0


Here are the standings according to the "classical" system:


Pairings Round 8, September 10: Ivanchuk - Radjabov Anand - Aronian Topalov - Carlsen

ivanchuk Ivanchuk, of course "muy contento" after his first win, giving several interviews after the game

aronian Levon Aronian, helped by Kafka to regain confidence and strength


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