Brandenburg makes third fourth IM-norm

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If I calculated everything as I should, Daan Brandenburg can't miss out on his third fourth IM-norm. He already scored 5,5/8 and will play Medvegy (2518) tomorrow. As this brings his average rating of opponents to 2376, he can even loose in the last round. Ofcourse Medvegy still has to show up.

It wasn't easy today for Daan. All games were postponed after three hours of play as the fire alarm went off. A work man had pressed this by accident.

To achieve the norm Daan played following players: 1. GM Stuart Conquest (2534) 0 2. James Hawkins (2022) 1 (for tpr-calculation raised to 2100) 3. William Armstrong (1955) 1 (for tpr-calculation raised to 2100) 4. Mike Surtees (2182) 1 5. GM Mark Hebden (2532) 0,5 6. GM Alexandre Dgebuadze (2527) 0,5 7. GM Viesturs Meijers (2474) 1 8. IM Craig Hanley (2419) 0,5 9. GM Zoltan Medvegy (2518) ? average 2376

If Daan get defeated tomorrow his tpr will be 2455, sufficient for the IM-norm. (If he wins, and in last round will beat at least 2437 he can even make a GM-norm)

It looks like the pairing for the last round has been manipulated (something which did not happen at ACT,and raised quite some discussion) as Daan has to play somebody who has a half point less and is the only one being paired up, which I can't explain.

Daan, congratulations! "^Reports^"Titles and norms"^^1158208873^1314790904^forest "Viktor Korchnoi’s latest ambition"^"One might say he's getting a bit too old for this kind of stuff. Or simply far too strong. But no: Viktor Korchnoi decided to participate in the World Championship for Seniors in Arvier, Italy.?Ǭ†

Three rounds have been played. Of course Viktor the Terrible (2600) started with three out of three, just like Cebalo (2505), Klovans (2433), Plachetka (2427), Spassov (2387) and Klundt (2380). These competitors (and colleagues) won't put up much of resistance of course, so everybody already knows who will be the winner in Arvier. My impression of this tournament? A bunch of old friends who?Ǭ†got together to have a good time in the Italian sun.

Still, the spectators already witnessed some nice moments.

Tatai-Korchnoi Arvier, 2006

White thought he could protect e4 indirectly and attack b5 as well with 44.Nc7? but that was what Black was hoping for: 44...Bxe4! 45.Ne6?! Qd2!!

A nice queen sac (a familiar theme) decides the game.

46.Rf1 Qxf2 47.Rxf2 Ra8 and White resigned.

Korchnoi's biggest rival is Miso Cebalo. A very friendly bloke with whom I once shared a dinner table during the Olympiad in Turin. He didn't play there but was responsible for the daily bulletin. I rememer he said that languages weren't his biggest talent, after which he ordered his meal in fluent Italian.

Kaminik-Cebalo Arvier, 2006

Althought the bishop on d3 is the worst you can imagine, Black still blows it away. A?Ǭ†charming positional exchange sacrifice.

14...Rxd3! 15.Qxd3 Rd8 16.Qe2 Qa4 17.Ne3 Nxe4 18.Rd1 f5 and White was under huge pressure and later collapsed.

>> replay Korchnoi's?Ǭ†and Cebalo's games
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