Brilliant Play Order Of Day In July Titled Tuesday
In a tactical Titled Tuesday, Hakobyan and Korchmar were victorious.

Brilliant Play Order Of Day In July Titled Tuesday

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The winning score in the July Titled Tuesday was 8.5/10. Two players made that mark. The first was GM Aram Hakobyan, a young Armenian player who has of late been a regular atop the blitz leaderboard. Here was one accurate trick he landed against a surely surprised GM Jorden Van Foreest.

Hakobyan was joined atop the standings by IM Vasiliy Korchmar of Russia who won in the final round to catch up to Hakobyan who was not able to win a two-pawn up opposite-color bishop endgame. He lost this first-round game, but then won seven games in a row!

Tactics Abound

This month's Titled Tuesday was particularly full of aggressive, tactical play and some brilliancies. Probably the finest such example was GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda's fabulous attack from a King's Indian Defense. Many fine attacking moves came early on, but it's the mating finish that HAS to be seen.

Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Titled Tuesday,

Duda will be an exciting player to watch in this year's Speed Chess Championship.

Duda also won a nice game against GM Niclas Huschenbeth. Huschenbeth got caught with his king in the middle of the board and his queen rampaging. When White nicely castled, seemingly leaving a piece en prise, Black was in enormous trouble.

Another 2700+ grandmaster, Dmitry Andreikin, also delivered some fine tactical victories. He started with a win over Dr. Elias Oussedik who was streaming at The classic bishop sacrifice still has bite!

Dmitry Andreikin, Titled Tuesday,

It's not enough to win when you are over 2700, you have to win in style! | Photo: Maria Emelianova,

Andreikin also used another classic sacrifice to win in only 15 moves against FM Rickstereo.

GM Andrew Tang finished in a tie for third and won an exciting finish against IM Pavel Anisimov. Post-game analysis revealed that a refutation was possible though.

I Helpmate Myself

After a good Titled Tuesday last month (for me) in which I scored 6.0/10, I made the mistake of trying my luck again in the July Titled Tuesday and produced this moment of enduring shame.

Question: How can the author checkmate himself in only four moves?


Answer (also sound warning):

Final Standings | July Titled Tuesday

Place Seed Fed Title Username Name Score Prize
1 2 GM mukhin1 Hakobyan Aram 8.5 $450
2 36 IM Korchmar_Vasiliy Vasiliy Korchmar 8.5 $450
3 23 GM dretch Conrad Holt 8 $125
4 19 GM penguingm1 Andrew Tang 8 $125
5 30 GM David_Paravyan David Paravyan 8 $125
6 177 WIM arctic_t00 Teodora Injac 8 $125
7 16 GM Parhamov Parham Maghsoodloo 7.5
8 33 GM joppie2 Jorden Van Foreest 7.5
9 11 GM Dr_Mortimer James Mortimer 7.5
10 111 FM Stouuf Steph Bressac 7.5
11 45 IM renatoterrylujan Renato Alfredo Terry Lujan 7.5
11 1 GM 2Vladimirovich90 Dmitry Andreikin 7.5
13 54 GM ficorrales Fidel Corrales 7.5
14 17 GM Polish_fighter3000 Jan-Krzysztof Duda 7.5
15 108 NM Blitzstream Kevin Bordi 7.5
16 5 IM Shant_Sargsyan Shant Sargsyan 7
17 15 GM klounessa Даниил Линчевский 7
18 35 GM Dr-Bassem Bassem Amin 7
19 51 GM Margency Mert Erdoğdu 7
20 66 IM pultineviciuspaulius paulius pultinevicius 7
21 80 IM Swarnapuri 7
22 202 GM Irochka83 Irina Krush 7
23 40 GM SergeiAza Sergei Azarov 7
24 72 GM Last7Samurai Cemil Can Ali Marandi 7 $100

Find the complete crosstable, standings, and games here.

GM Aman Hambleton provided commentary for the entire event on and As always, he managed to craft a subtle blend of mellow humor and chess enthusiasm.

Watch Royal Arena Kings Bullet Tournament with GM Robert Hess from Chess on

For shared first, Akobyan and Korchmar each won $450 dollars. Four players shared third through fifth place money. They were GMs Conrad Holt, Andrew Tang, David Paravyan and WIM Teodora Injac. Each received $125.

The $100 Streamers' prize goes to GM Cemil Can Ali Marandi, a popular new streamer attending Saint Louis University and tearing it up in Arena Kings.

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