Brynell wins Malta Open

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The Malta Open was organized by ChessOrg Hoffmann Reisen, a German company specializing in chess travelling. It attracted 122 players from 22 countries, including seven GMs. Many participants were from Germany, England, Denmark and Sweden – probably enjoying a break from autumn weather in their home countries. After eight rounds, five players shared the lead with 6.5/8. In the final round, the GM duels Rausis - Epishin and Heberla - Teske were drawn in 17 moves (that's both games together!). 7th seed Stellan Brynell from Sweden was paired down and benefitted from such "fighting spirit" by beating Danish IM Jens Kristiansen – some time ago a regular commenter at ChessVibes – with the black pieces.

Final standings (top 30)

17GMBrynell,Stellan2495 7.550.5426
22GMEpishin,Vladimir2543 756438.5
31GMBurmakin,Vladimir2588 755458.5
43GMTeske,Henrik2529 754.5435
54GMRausis,Igor2497 752430
616IMLund,Silas2388 751.5432.5
75GMHeberla,Bartlomiej2526HetMan Katowice749.5423
88IMSmith,Axel2488 6.550434.5
919IMZiegler,Ari2341 6.549.5400.5
1026 Sucher,Johannes2200 6.545417.5
116GMLuther,Thomas2515SC Empor Erfurt653.5431.5
1212IMHanley,Craig A2415 653443.5
1322 Joie,Sébastien2249Echiquier Grenoblois652.5425.5
1518IMKiss,Pal2362 651423.5
1629IMErdelyi,Tamas2165 649.5395
179 De Verdier,Michael2386Eksjö SK646.5400.5
1823 Krantz,Christopher2248 646416
1921 Valles,Manuel2259 645.5403.5
2034 Richardson,Keith B2137 644.5390
2131 Lang,Ferdinand2154Bad Wimpfen642.5383.5
2236CMZerafa,Patrick2087 642408.5
2413IMShkapenko,Pavel2413 5.550419
2524 Angskog,Kent2215 5.550403.5
2614IMIbrahim,Hatem2412 5.550392.5
2727WFMFrisk,Ellinor2184 5.549.5417.5
2832 Van Foreest,Jorden2153Sv Unitas5.547394
2925 Spence,David2211Anglian Avengers5.545.5390.5
3035 Amos,Frank2131SK Lauffen5.545.5384.5


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