Bu and Miroshnichenko lead in Antwerp

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After five rounds, Bu Xiangzhi and Evgeny Miroshnichenko are leading the Inventi Chess Tournament in Antwerp - the strongest chess tournament in Belgium since the Lost Boys opens in the nineties.

The Inventi Chess Tournament takes place 23-31 August in Antwerp, Belgium. Venue is the Inventi Training Center, close to the Grote Markt in the heart of Antwerp.

The participants are GM Bu Xiangzhi Bu (2710, China). GM Evgenij Miroshnichenko (2593, Ukraine), GM Rafael Vaganian (2594, Armenia), GM Zoltan Gyimesi (2586, Hungary), GM Jan Werle (2591, The Netherlands), GM Jan Timman (2562, The Netherlands), GM Kateryna Lahno (2507, Ukraine), GM Gerhard Schebler (2453, Germany), IM Bart Michiels (2442, Belgium) and IM Geert van der Stricht (2426, Belgium).

After five rounds, Bu has confirmed his status as clear favorite for tournament victory, and is leading with 5 out of 6. However, second seeded Miroshnichenko is still keeping pace with him and also collected five points. The only other unbeaten player so far is the unpredictable veteran Jan Timman, who is on a decent 4 / 6.


A selection of interesting games played so far:

The playing hall

Bu Xiangzhi

Evgeny Miroshnichenko

Rafael Vaganian

Zoltan Gyimesi

Jan Werle

Jan Timman

Kateryna Lahno

Gerhard Schebler

Bart Michiels

Geert van der Stricht

Photos thanks to Schaakfabriek, which has on-the-spot coverage.


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