Candidates Matches - Round 6

Candidates Matches - Round 6

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The final round games in Elista sent two more players through and left another three matches to go to rapid game tie-breaks tomorrow.


First through today was Sergei Rublevsky (pictured) who contrived a quick draw with the White pieces against Ponomariov.  Pono tried the Bronstein-Larsen variation of the Caro-Kann but had to allow a repetition of moves after just 19 moves had been played.  So ends a disappointing tournament for the former FIDE world champion.  Well done Rublevsky on his surprise win!


Another player reflecting on what might have been have been is Judit Polgar who tried desperately to drum up winning chances today against a determinedly solid Bareev.  Although Judit had a slight edge throughout the game, it never really looked like being enough and Bareev goes through.

So three other matches will go to tiebreaks.  Alexei Shirov kept his cool and overcame Adams' Petroff defence to win their final game and level the scores.  Bravo Alexei! 


Kasimjanov and Gelfand both seemed content with a quick draw to add to the other 5 draws in their match and the prospect of tie-breaks tomorrow.  The draw was agreed after 21 moves.

 Finally, for a long time it looked like Aronian would be able to finally shrug off the brilliant young Magnus Carlsen, but he slipped up with 45.Rg2 allowing the kid to force a perpetual check.  Who would dare predict the final outcome of this match now?








Tiebreaks tomorrow!  The tiebreak is four rapid games of 25'+10", then two blitz games, then armageddon! 
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