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Cannes Blockbusters Are Streaming Sensations

Cannes Blockbusters Are Streaming Sensations

Dec 31, 2016, 3:56 PM 0

In the home of the famous film festival, the city of Cannes adds one new blockbuster for 2017. The Cannes Blockbusters are a solid team consisting of local talent, strong grandmasters who are well-known for their rapid play, and famous YouTube chess stars.

The Blockbusters are led by GM Vladimir Tkachiev. Tkachiev was the French Champion in 2006 and the European Champion in 2007. He is known as an extremely strong rapid player, and therefore he should perform at an even higher level than his very high 2660 FIDE rating might indicate.

GM Fabian Libiszewski will provide more grandmaster experience to the Cannes team, and will also be helpful as he is the coach of the French National Team. Having someone who is experienced as a coach and is also such a strong player should pay off big-time for the Blockbusters.

Meanwhile, the Blockbusters have two YouTube stars on their roster. Kevin Bordi, who is also the team manager, is probably the most well-known chess streamer in France. His channel has over 3000 subscribers. Here he is commenting in French with Tkachiev on the Chess.com Blitz Battle between Carlsen and Grischuk.

An even bigger star in the YouTube community is CM Tryfon Gavriel, better known as Kingscrusher. He will be playing as a free agent for the Blockbusters and should give them some extra publicity with his amazing 76,000 subscribers! Check out his review of the legendary game six from Fischer vs Spassky, 1972.

The Blockbusters are sure to be an interesting and dynamic team to watch. With the popularity of some of their streamers, they are likely to have one of the biggest fan clubs in the PRO Chess League.

The PRO Chess League welcomes the Cannes Blockbusters!

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