Carlsen Beats Nakamura In Bazna

Carlsen Beats Nakamura In Bazna

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The 5th Bazna Kings tournament opened with convincing wins for Carlsen and Ivanchuk against Nakamura and Radjabov respectively.

Carlsen played aggressively against Nakamura's QGD, castling queenside and attacking down the g and h-files, eventually breaking through to win.

Ivanchuk took aim at Radjabov's King's Indian defence and blew it apart with a lovely attacking game, which ended with checkmate just two moves away.

Rank outsider Nisipeanu comfortably obtained a draw with the white pieces against Karjakin by engineering a triple repetition of the position after 20 moves.  Nothing in the the anti-draw rules could stop that, apparently.

Joint leaders Carlsen and Ivanchuk will meet tomorrow, with Ivanchuk having white.  Carlsen tweeted that he is keen to avenge his 2 losses to Chucky at Amber!  Who will prevail?




Games start at 15:30 local time (12:30 UTC) except the last round which is 2 hours earlier.  June 15 and 20 are rest days.

The time control is 2 hours for the first 40 moves, 60 minutes for the next 20 moves, then 15 minutes to finish with a 30 second increment after move 60.

The official site with live broadcasts of the games is here, and the full draw can be found here.

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