Carlsen grabs lead in Foros

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In the third round of the Aerosvit tournament, Magnus Carlsen grabbed sole lead by beating Loek van Wely, after Alexei Shirov suffered an unnecessary loss against Pavel Eljanov. We have game fragments from the first three rounds.

The international chess tournament ?¢‚Ǩ?ìAEROSVIT-2008?¢‚Ǩ¬? is held June 8-19 in the city of Foros, Crimea, Ukraine. It's a twelve-player round-robin with an average rating of 2712.

Alexei Shirov started very well; he beat Van Wely and Jakovenko and was the only player on two out of two yesterday. Perhaps that was why he took too much risks today; in an equal position he completely lost track. Magnus Carlsen took over pole position by winning a better bishop ending against Loek van Wely.


A view of Foros

Where life is beatiful...

...for chess players and the occasional seal

The players at the opening ceremony

Magnus Carlsen giving a quick interview...

...just like Alender Onischuk

Vassily Ivanchuk, while he shine once more?

Carlsen - Ivanchuk

Nisipeanu - Volokitin


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