Carlsen Is World Blitz Champion

Carlsen Is World Blitz Champion

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Magnus Carlsen is the World Blitz Champion after a strong performance on the final day which saw him extend his lead over Vishy Anand to three points at the close of play.

A win by Carlsen over Anand in round 38 virtually sealed the victory for the young Norwegian with a few rounds to go.  He eventually finished on 31 points out of a possible 42, with Anand in a clear second place on 28 points. Karjakin held on to third place with 25 points, just half a point ahead of Kramnik.

During the tournament, Carlsen beat Anand, Karjakin and Kramnik 2-0!  Nice work!

The World Blitz Championship was instituted comparatively recently in 1987, and has only become a fairly regular fixture in the last few years.  Vassily Ivanchuk won in 2007, and Leinier Dominguez won last year.  This year's tournament was certainly the strongest to date!

The scores of all the games played can be found here, with detailed results from each round available here, including full cross-tables.  Once again, a few games from the third and final day can be replayed below.

The final standings were:

1 Carlsen, Magnus NOR 31.0
2 Anand, Viswanathan IND 28.0
3 Karjakin, Sergey UKR 25.0
4 Kramnik, Vladimir RUS 24.5
5 Grischuk, Alexander RUS 23.5
6 Ponomariov, Ruslan UKR 23.5
7 Svidler, Peter RUS 23.5
8 Leko, Peter HUN 22.0
9 Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar AZE 22.0
10 Morozevich, Alexander RUS 21.5
11 Gashimov, Vugar AZE 21.5
12 Aronian, Levon ARM 21.0
13 Dominguez Perez, Leinier CUB 20.0
14 Bareev, Evgeny RUS 20.0
15 Ivanchuk, Vassily UKR 19.5
16 Karpov, Anatoly RUS 19.0
17 Gelfand, Boris ISR 18.5
18 Jakovenko, Dmitry RUS 17.5
19 Polgar, Judit HUN 17.0
20 Tkachiev, Vladislav FRA 16.0
21 Naiditsch, Arkadij GER 15.0
22 Kosteniuk, Alexandra RUS 12.5











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