Carlsen Jumps Into The Lead In Bilbao

Carlsen Jumps Into The Lead In Bilbao

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The Grand Slam Final - a.k.a. the strongest chess tournament of all-time (average rating a staggering 2775) just got started in Bilbao and Magnus Carlsen (pictured) won his first round game with the Black pieces against Lev Aronian to take 3 points (!) and an early lead.

The players can be seen below at the drawing of lots before the first round, showing that they've got balls. Laughing

(left to right: Aronian, Carlsen, Radjabov, Ivanchuk, Anand, Topalov)

Picture by Susan Polgar (who is one of the expert commentators at the event).

Radjabov played the Scotch against Topalov, but the game always looked even and the players eventually finshed with bare Kings for a draw.

Chucky played the Marshall gambit against Anand and a lively game led to a major piece ending with both Kings potentially vulnerable and Chucky a pawn up.  However, it wasn't enough and the fascinating tussle ended in a draw.

Aronian sacrificed a pawn against Carlsen, but Carlsen made the pawn count in a Queen and pawn ending to take a well-deserved victory.  Great play!

More of the same in the next round please guys!

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