Carlsen-Nakamura and Anand-Topalov in first round Amber Tournament

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Carlsen-Nakamura and Anand-Topalov in first round AmberThe 20th and final Amber Blindfold and Rapid Tournament will take off with some spectacular pairings. The first round, played on Saturday, will see Carlsen-Nakamura and Anand-Topalov. The other match-ups are Aronian-Giri, Ivanchuk-Gashimov, Karjakin-Gelfand and Grischuk-Kramnik. This was the result of the drawing of lots on Friday night in Cafe de Paris, Monaco.

Below are the full pairings of the 2011 Amber tournament, courtesy of chief arbiter Geurt Gijssen:

Saturday, March 12, Round 1
14.30 Blindfold Nakamura-Carlsen Aronian-Giri Ivanchuk-Gashimov
16.00 Karjakin-Gelfand Grischuk-Kramnik Anand-Topalov
17.45 Rapid Carlsen-Nakamura Giri-Aronian Gashimov-Ivanchuk
19.15 Gelfand-Karjakin Kramnik-Grischuk Topalov-Anand
Sunday, March 13, Round 2
14.30 Blindfold Topalov-Karjakin Kramnik-Anand Gelfand-Grischuk
16.00 Carlsen-Gashimov Giri-Ivanchuk Nakamura-Aronian
17.45 Rapid Karjakin-Topalov Anand-Kramnik Grischuk-Gelfand
19.15 Gashimov-Carlsen Ivanchuk-Giri Aronian-Nakamura
Monday, March 14, Round 3
14.30 Blindfold Aronian-Carlsen Ivanchuk-Nakamura Gashimov-Giri
16.00 Grischuk-Karjakin Anand-Gelfand Kramnik-Topalov
17.45 Rapid Carlsen-Aronian Nakamura-Ivanchuk Giri-Gashimov
19.15 Karjakin-Grischuk Gelfand-Anand Topalov-Kramnik
Tuesday, March 15, Round 4
14.30 Blindfold Karjakin-Kramnik Gelfand-Topalov Grischuk-Anand
16.00 Carlsen-Giri Nakamura-Gashimov Aronian-Ivanchuk
17.45 Rapid Kramnik-Karjakin Topalov-Gelfand Anand-Grischuk
19.15 Giri-Carlsen Gashimov-Nakamura Ivanchuk-Aronian
Wednesday, March 16, Rest day
Thursday, March 17, Round 5
14.30 Blindfold Ivanchuk-Carlsen Gashimov-Aronian Giri-Nakamura
16.00 Anand-Karjakin Topalov-Grischuk Kramnik-Gelfand
17.45 Rapid Carlsen-Ivanchuk Aronian-Gashimov Nakamura-Giri
19.15 Karjakin-Anand Grischuk-Topalov Gelfand-Kramnik
Friday, March 18, Round 6
14.30 Blindfold Gelfand-Nakamura Grischuk-Aronian Anand-Ivanchuk
16.00 Topalov-Gashimov Kramnik-Giri Karjakin-Carlsen
17.45 Rapid Nakamura-Gelfand Aronian-Grischuk Ivanchuk-Anand
19.15 Gashimov-Topalov Giri-Kramnik Carlsen-Karjakin
Saturday, March 19, Round 7
14.30 Blindfold Giri-Topalov Carlsen-Kramnik Gashimov-Karjakin
16.00 Aronian-Gelfand Ivanchuk-Grischuk Nakamura-Anand
17.45 Rapid Topalov-Giri Kramnik-Carlsen Karjakin-Gashimov
19.15 Gelfand-Aronian Grischuk-Ivanchuk Anand-Nakamura
Sunday, March 20, Round 8
14.30 Blindfold Grischuk-Nakamura Anand-Aronian Gelfand-Ivanchuk
16.00 Kramnik-Gashimov Karjakin-Giri Topalov-Carlsen
17.45 Rapid Nakamura-Grischuk Aronian-Anand Ivanchuk-Gelfand
19.15 Gashimov-Kramnik Giri-Karjakin Carlsen-Topalov
Monday, March 21, Rest day
Tuesday, March 22, Round 9
14.30 Blindfold Gashimov-Gelfand Giri-Grischuk Carlsen-Anand
16.00 Nakamura-Topalov Aronian-Kramnik Ivanchuk-Karjakin
17.45 Rapid Gelfand-Gashimov Grischuk-Giri Anand-Carlsen
19.15 Topalov-Nakamura Kramnik-Aronian Karjakin-Ivanchuk
Wednesday, March 23, Round 10
14.30 Blindfold Topalov-Aronian Kramnik-Ivanchuk Karjakin-Nakamura
16.00 Gelfand-Giri Grischuk-Carlsen Anand-Gashimov
17.45 Rapid Aronian-Topalov Ivanchuk-Kramnik Nakamura-Karjakin
19.15 Giri-Gelfand Carlsen-Grischuk Gashimov-Anand
Thursday, March 24, Round 11*
14.30 Blindfold Carlsen-Gelfand Gashimov-Grischuk Giri-Anand
16.00 Ivanchuk-Topalov Nakamura-Kramnik Aronian-Karjakin
17.45 Rapid Gelfand-Carlsen Grischuk-Gashimov Anand-Giri
19.15 Topalov-Ivanchuk Kramnik-Nakamura Karjakin-Aronian
* Based on the standings before the last round the chief arbiter may change the schedule.

The 20th Amber Blindfold and Rapid Tournament will take place at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort in Monaco, from March 11 to 25, 2011. The tournament is organized by the Association Max Euwe of chess maecenas Joop van Oosterom, which is based in Monaco. This 20th Amber tournament will be the final edition of an event unparalleled in the history of chess. The total prize-fund is € 227,000.



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