Carlsen Takes Sole Lead In Biel

Carlsen Takes Sole Lead In Biel

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All Games End Decisively In Round 6

The draw percentage at this year's Biel tournament was already low, but fell still further in round 6 as Carlsen (pictured), Bacrot and Dominguez beat Pelletier, Alekseev and Onischuk respectively.

Dominguez had the hardest struggle, probing for weaknesses in a theoretically drawn Rook and Knight versus Rook ending.  Onischuk defended for a long time, but eventually as time ran short he finally cracked and Dominguez took advantage to win after a mammoth 91 moves.  If Onischuk had held out another 12 moves he could have claimed a draw by the 50-move rule.  Heartbreaking for Onischuk, but the result leapfrogs Dominguez past Alekseev into second place behind the leader Carlsen.

Sunday is another rest day, so round 7 is on Monday.

Dominguez and Onischuk at the start of their marathon game:

The results in round 6:

Onischuk, Alexander - Dominguez Perez, Leinier 0-1 91 D97 Gruenfeld Russian
Bacrot, Etienne - Alekseev, Evgeny 1-0 43 E00 Catalan
Pelletier, Yannick - Carlsen, Magnus 0-1 40 E15 Queens Indian


The standings after round 6:

 Carlsen, Magnus    NOR    2775 

 Dominguez Perez, Leinier   CUB  2708 

 Alekseev, Evgeny   RUS  2708 

 Onischuk, Alexander   USA  2670 

 Bacrot, Etienne   FRA  2691 

 Pelletier, Yannick   SUI  2569 


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