Carlsen Wins London Classic

Carlsen Wins London Classic

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Magnus_Carlsen1.jpgThere were two decisive games in the final round of the 2009 London Chess Classic, but neither came in the crucial games that decided the fate of the title.

Carlsen held an advantage for a long time against Short but almost blew it in a tricky queen and pawn ending.  Eventually, both players promoted pawns and a draw resulted.

The game between Nakamura and Kramnik was an entertaining struggle, but a draw was a fair result.

The last-round wins came from Mickey Adams who beat Luke McShane, and David Howell who ended the tournament on a high by beating Ni Hua.

So Magnus Carlsen wins the inaugural London Chess Classic, and thanks to his +3 score has surpassed Veselin Topalov on the unofficial live rating list.  With no further rated games expected to be played by either player until the next official FIDE rating list is published on 1 January 2010, Carlsen will become the youngest official #1 in chess history!

The final result:

 Score  Win  Draw  Loss
Carlsen, Magnus  2801 NOR  13 3 4 0
Kramnik, Vladimir  2772 RUS  12 3 3 1
Howell, David 2597 ENG  9 1 6 0
Adams, Michael  2698 ENG  9 1 6 0
McShane, Luke 2615 ENG  7 2 1 4
Ni, Hua  2665 CHN  6 1 3 3
Nakamura, Hikaru  2715 USA  6 0 6 1
Short, Nigel 2707 ENG  5 0 5 2





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