Carolina Cobras Ready To Strike

Carolina Cobras Ready To Strike

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The Carolina Cobras are a young and aggressive team of American masters. Housed in the "Queen City" of Charlotte, North Carolina, the Cobras are closely tied to the Charlotte Chess Center and Scholastic Academy. One of the finest new American chess centers.

It would be difficult to have a more balanced roster than the Carolina Cobras. All of their players have similar peak ratings of just over or just under 2300 USCF. Of course, that balance comes at a cost. They are lacking on board one, and to contend for a playoff spot, they will likely need to sign a free agent or two to bolster their depth.

FM Robin Cunningham: Cunningham is both a Michigan state champion and a North Carolina one. The strongest and most experienced player on the team on paper, Cunningham is sure to be a solid player for the Cobras.

NM Peter Giannatos is the director of the Charlotte Chess Center. Giannatos is an established coach, training many strong scholastic teams.

Giannatos demonstrating his enthusiastic coaching style.

NM Tianqi (Steve) Wang: Tianqi is a sophomore at NC State. Academic demands fortunately do not prevent him from competing in the PRO Chess League where he hopes to show the sort of talent that allowed him to finish second in 2015's Denker Tournament of Champions.

NMs Daniel Cremisi, Aaron Balleisen, and Emmanuel Carter are all still in high school. Young and improving rapidly, they are surely capable of outperforming their ratings.

NM Emmanuel Carter at the 2016 NC Champs.

The PRO Chess League welcomes the Carolina Cobras!

Read up on everything you need to know about the PRO Chess League:

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