FIDE Candidates Matches - Finals Round 5

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Congratulations to Boris Gelfand and Peter Leko who qualifies today for the World Chess Championship today by winning against Kamsky and drawing against Bareev respectively.  Kamsky suffered another disappointing opening adventure in a 3.Bb5 Sicilian and always looked worse against a confident Gelfand, whilst Bareev bizarrely chose to play the Caro-Kann when in a must-win situation.  The game was drawn on move 19!  A strange and disappointing end for Bareev.


Shirov tried the Grunfeld defense against Aronian but was unable to get the win he needs to level their exciting match.  He will have his last chance tomorrow with the white pieces.  Rublevsky drew quickly against Grischuk with a Taimanov Sicilian and now has the advantage of White in the final game of their match tomorrow with the scores all square.   Games below!

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